Unlock the power
of neighborhoods

Unlock the power
of neighborhoods


Driving growth through community

theDesk is a cutting-edge interpretation of the co-working movement. While conventional co-working spaces focus primarily on interior design, we are invested in something much more exciting: building communities and enabling business growth, for members and for our wider neighborhoods.

Here, people make connections that matter. We curate an immersive environment and diverse experiences that allow ideas to cross-pollinate, businesses to scale, and everyone to reap the full benefit of the sharing economy.

Why theDesk

Our members’

Our community members do much more than just share an office space. They enrich one another with best practices, fresh perspectives and new business solutions, and countless new ideas for working better, reaching more customers, or selling more—all by simply showing up.

Find out how our members built their success stories with theDesk.

Member stories
  • Orichal Partners
    Following up on of our new Member Stories series, we are happy and honored to have Anthony Wong and Scottie Siu, co-founders of Orichal Partners, to share with us about their company and their experience as being a member at theDesk Leighton Centre.
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  • Essentia
    It is a privilege for us to have Louis Hou, the co-founder of Essentia in our new Member Stories sharing Essentia’s vision in providing learning experiences to develop the essence of people.
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  • BKKCondo123
    We are happy to have Harry Chow, founder and CEO, sharing with us his company, BKKCondo123 for our new Member Stories Series and his mission in providing property investment services in Bangkok for Hong Kongers.
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  • Zuhlke Engineering
    Following up on of our new Member Stories series, we caught up with Moritz Gomm and Man Yeung from the Zuhlke Engineering Hong Kong team based at theDesk One Hysan Avenue. They share their mission to help customers transform ideas into reality here in Hong Kong.
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  • Elevate
    In the first of our Member Stories video series, we had the privilege to sit down with Darren Cunliffe, Senior Vice President at leading international business risk and sustainability solutions provider, ELEVATE.
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