RFI X theDesk : Managing Reputation Risk in a Social World

#Is your organization prepared for a crisis?@

Share price collapse. Media outrage. Customer anger. Employee uncertainty. Public hostility. 2019 has already seen many well-respected companies face significant reputational crises. If reputation risk is the new normal, what can companies do to mitigate and prepare? How can they ensure they are not overwhelmed by an issue or crisis? How can they retain the initiative, whatever the circumstances? 


Join this interactive workshop, hosted by award-winning digital agency RFI Asia, to acquire the latest strategies to respond to a crisis swiftly, boldly, with confidence and certainty.  Analyse the critical actions to take when you believe an incident or issue may explode into a crisis. Discover how to power social media in your crisis response and hear proven insight into “how” to mobilise senior and middle management. 


Social Media Crisis Simulation 

Through the proprietary Ruder Finn SONAR™ Crisis Simulation System, experience the dynamic environment of a fast-developing social media crisis in real-time. Put your skills to the test: Assess the situation, develop strategies and solutions, obtain relevant approvals and implement your plans. 

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